Legacy Creation Project

Large-scale international sport events will be held in Japan for three consecutive years with the Rugby World Cup 2019 coming first, followed by the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, and the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai. Capitalizing on such a miraculous opportunity, we have been promoting collaborative activities, both visible and invisible, with the other two events. Moreover, by making profitable use of a momentum gathered through the preceding two events, we will exert further efforts in promoting our participatory WMG so as to serve as a turning point in the course of the development of lifelong sports in Japan.

In order to leave a positive legacy to future generations in various ways, not just ending the WMG 2021 Kansai as a one-off event, for the very first time in the WMG history we have actively worked throughout the preparatory stage toward creating a legacy. In October 2016, as an expert body of the Organizing Committee, the Legacy Creation Committee was established, consisting of experts from various fields and areas.
Based on the Legacy Master Concept developed in April 2017, the Committee has examined concrete actions to be taken by the Organizing Committee itself and discussed how a mechanism can be created to encourage the activities of the Executive Committee of each host prefecture and city in the Kansai region and the proactive involvement of various organizations and groups on both local and national levels.

In addition, the Organizing Committee set up an Expert Panel, with a view to incorporating an inclusive approach in promoting the WMG 2021 Kansai. The approach will enable people, regardless of age, gender, nationality or whether with or without disabilities, to participate, according to their abilities, in this event together and enjoy interaction. We are committed to organizing the WMG 2021 Kansai in such a way as to contribute to realizing an inclusive society through the power of sports.

Leveraging its distinguishing feature as an international multi-sport athletic competition for lifelong sports in which everyone can participate, and with “playing, watching and supporting sports together” as one of our watchwords, we strive to promote the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai by adopting an inclusive approach that makes the Games open to anyone.